Kenworth Down Under magazine is published bi-annually in A4 format. It is a glossy, full-colour magazine full of uniquely tailored content with a far-reaching audience and is a prized collector’s publication. Kenworth Down Under magazine digital media gets updated daily.

At Kenworth Down Under, we engage industry-leading contributors, journalists, photographers and technical experts to supply well-researched and informative material. In addition, our graphic artists and designers skillfully crafted the pieces into visually stunning easy-to-read content.

Our partners and sponsors receive unrestricted access to our creative team to develop enhanced marketing opportunities.

Advertising and sponsorship packages in Kenworth Down Under magazine guarantee product or service promotions receive views from a large, receptive, enthusiastic national audience.

The publication is available through Kenworth Dealerships, national newsagent distribution, online and by mail order from our office.

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